Why Himalayas

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Nepal is the wonder hub of mountains. One can never get over the beauty and mystery mountain serves in a single bowl. Himalayas are basically the experience and love which gives satisfaction to the people’s soul and provide the freedom from the hectic day to day lifestyle. 

Trekking in Himalayas 

 The best trek routes are always found along the Himalayas. The thrill one get while walking the snow caped trials following the scenic beauty of gigantic Mountain along with them is one of the best. When walking alongside the Himalayas one can never get enough of the beauty served by the snow-capped mountains addition to the chirping of birds, ripples of rivers & burble of waterfalls. The Himalayan region is always known for its unique features of mesmerizing people with cultural and natural phenomenon. 

What Makes Himalayas Different 

The people living in those areas have their own unique style to cope with the nature which is rare among the people of lower region. The culture of food cultivation, animal gazing, folk singing and dancing style, peaceful nature, celebrating festivals each and every activity serve one with the authenticity of culture. If one wants to know what the true beauty of Nepal and history, they must visit Himalayan region. people in Himalayan region are still bound to the lifestyle and cultural value shifted to them from the late ancestors. 

Why to Visit 

 Visiting the Himalayan region once in a lifetime must be in a bucket list of every people. The variety of flora and faunas, cultural difference, local lifestyle alongside the natural beauty of big Himalayas is worth seeing. To get the spiritual satisfaction Himalayan is the best place. The authentic beauty of the Himalayas helps one to reduce the mental pressure along the stress which is one of the major problem among people nowadays. The route which Himalayans serve cannot be found in any other regions. The peaceful nature of Himalayan region, fresh air free from the pollution, unique and basic lifestyle of the people, local foods from their local farms are few reasons to visit the Himalayan regions.

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